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How Long Does Stitch Braids Take? 

Does it take you three hours to complete a stitch braid style? I feel your pain and honestly your clients dread sitting all day as much as you dread standing. Imagine completing a braid style every one to two hours. You have officially doubled and tripled the amount of clients in your 8 hour day. You have a structure that you can use on every hair texture. Since you are confident in your process and knowledge, you increase your profit. You are now making more money in a shorter time frame. It doesn't have to take you all day to braid only 2 clients. Sign up today and advance your braiding career NOW. 



What are stitch braids? 

Stitch Braids are a protective style for natural hair. Stitching is a technique that requires you to create the stitching look in your braids. Stitching is an advanced form of braiding.

What are feed-in braids? 

Feed-in is a technique that requires you to add braiding hair into the natural hair braiding process. Feed-in is also referred to as braiding with weave.   

What is the difference between cornrows and stitch braids? 

Cornrows are braids of the natural hair that do not require stitching or feed-in braiding hair. Stitch braids are the latest trend of braids. 


How Long Does Stitch Braids Last? 

Feeder and stitch braids can last a client up to 2 to 4 weeks.  It is rocket science! Advanced braiding is a career where schooling is devalued. Because of YouTube university the information you took inn can confuse you from the information you must know. There is a vast amount of information including product knowledge and definitions incorporated into delivering a longevity style to your clients. Clients appreciate when they receive quality hairstyles which can eliminate the struggle of gaining the clientele for YOU.  



We teach self taught braiders the structure to make six figures for success using feeder and stitch techniques, time management, and product efficiency. Online One On One stitch braid and business  coaching designed to your needs of elevation at your own pace.  


1. How to Basic Braid 

This braiding class is perfect for those with no experience of braiding. We will demonstrate the very basics with braiding. How do you even hold the hair in your hands? Braiding made simple!

2. How To Feed in Braiding Hair 

Feeding in the braiding hair into the natural hair is a technique that upgrades your braids. Weather you are a beginner of advanced, the proper way to insert the hair will made your braids neat and full. 

3. How To Part 

If your struggling with parting, missing this class will devastate you. Parting is top essential to a great hair style. You can fake it until you make it or receive an understanding on how to and confidence. Yes parting is a struggle, but with the secret sauce to parting you can't fail!

4. How To Stitch 

Everyone wants to know how to properly stitch, but it you do not have the basic down pack, you will struggle. There are many techniques to stitching. One you can not use on all hair textures without struggling. Our stitching provides a pain free way for clients and styles to have a pleasant service. 

5. What Products to Use 

If you are still using jam this class is for you. Every one's hair texture is different. Therefore you can not use all products on everyone. In this class we will discuss how to determine what to use and what not to use per texture. 

6. Know the Business  

When you add feeder and stitch braids to your service menu be prepared for your overflow. We will discuss rules and regulations needed to implement your business. 


 What They Are Saying  



You're Not  Comfortable With Your Current Situation

What Do You Do?  

Continue to sit tight and complain about your work situation every time Monday comes around. Every week you'll start fresh and when you finally make improvement it's watching Youtube videos. Soaking in all the information from the non licensed human beings, Youtubers: basically an individual just like you! Braiding is included in the State Board Of Ohio Cosmetology rules and regulation. Yes it is serious and requires real investments! As the world continues to get more expensive, your income will not even be able to cover all your current expenses. Now back at square one, and you still need more money. Waking up hating Mondays again because you didn't change the current situation and it became bigger than you! 


Why Do you Need A Braid Coach? 

Learning from an Expert: State Board Licensed  

As a licensed cosmetologist mainly retaining braid clients, the need to become a great braider was essential. Connecting the dots between cosmetology education and experienced braider, the process to create more great braiders begins with the plan we've created. 


Investing In An Occupation that Will Live No Matter The Economy

No matter how expensive the economy becomes as a braider, you will always be employed. Everyone needs their hair done. No matter the level of braiding you are currently at, it's the perfect price for someone needing braids. As you invest and elevate, your income will increase and that's the goal for feed/stitch braids.  


Freedom to Create Multiple Steams of Income 

A multi millionaire once concluded that 7 streams  of income are needed to be millionaire status. Feeder/Stitch braids provides you will financial stability as you create those other streams. As you become a great braider your speed will increase. You'll have more time for your children, hobbies, and other businesses. 



Have questions for an expert? All questions will be answered in the community.    


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